Brazil, as a key emerging market, is no longer known only for its natural beauty, but also as a country of critical strategic importance to international investors. Such interest has been fuelled by increasing domestic demand and a burgeoning middle class never seen before, sustained monetary easing, development of capital markets and improved regulatory framework, continued supply of credit, and improving labour-market conditions. 

Brazil recently overtook the UK to become the world's 6th largest economy and it is also the world's 5th largest country in size. With immense natural resources such as agriculture (world's largest producer and exporter of oranges, coffee and sugar), minerals, iron and oil (13th largest proven reserves in the world) its buoyant economy gives Brazil enormous potential in the investment market. Furthermore, being set to host the two largest global sporting events over the next 4 years, namely the football World Cup and Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, will only create more interest in the country and prove that Brazil is certainly ready to be recognised as the country of the future 'now'. 

At Palladium Trust Services (PTS) we believe that our native Brazilian-Portuguese speakers conversant also in the ways of commerce, into and out of Brazil, are able to deliver investment and wealth structuring of the upmost quality. We have been facilitating and developing a wide range of bilateral business opportunities between the UK and Brazil such as in Brazilian real estate, energy deals, hotel deals and private wealth solutions. One principal focus of PTS is on facilitating business from both a technical (i.e. legal) and commercial point of view in and out of Brazil due to its extensive local experience. Our emphasis is on offering value for money. We believe that our UK and Brazil bases, depth of local contacts especially in London, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and decades of top-level family business experience in these places provides a unique platform from which we offer our specialised consultancy services.