Financial powerhouse

London is still the world's number one financial centre, according to the World Economic Forum and is home to Palladium's main office in Mayfair.

In part due to the astounding growth of hedge funds and investment banks in the past 15 years, London is the world's most dynamic and innovative city, home to more diversity in speakers of mother tongues than any other place on earth. The cultural legacy of English being the world's business language, as well as London's geographical positioning as the 'middle man' in time zones - half-way house between Asia and the Americas whilst straddling Europe's main hours of business - has assisted in London's titanic ascent. 

Taxation for financiers and the international wealthy

London still provides tax optimisation for many in the hedge fund and investment banking industries. For example, foreign workers may only pay tax on their UK source, and not worldwide, receipts ('non-domiciled remittance basis'). Also, hedge/investment funds may only pay tax on UK sourced income under the Investment Managers' Exemption, whilst their BVI/Cayman domiciled funds accrue income and capital offshore - tax free. 

Furthermore, much of the nomadic wealthy from all over the globe have a home or connection to London. 

Palladium's London office aims to provide unparalleled service to these wealthy clients and financial rainmakers on their doorstep whilst Palladium's other 'offshore' offices may additionally serve its clients' needs for funds, trusts or legal advice.