New Zealand

New Zealand is unrivalled in its security, possessing both internal political and regional stability and in a troubled world it does not present itself as a terrorist target. 

New Zealand is a former British colony and has a strong Polynesian, European and Anglo-Saxon heritage reflected in English and Maori being the two official languages spoken and governmental and judicial systems based on a Westminster model. 

New Zealand is well situated to clients resident in the major and emerging markets of Asia and also offers many opportunities for Latin American and European clients who, in many cases, are constrained from using "offshore" financial centres due to "blacklisting" by central governments. Furthermore there is a strong Asian and Southern African cultural influence and synergy within New Zealand society due to high levels of foreign direct investment in and immigration to New Zealand in recent decades. 

The country is not perceived as a harmful tax jurisdiction by the O.E.C.D whilst providing many of the advantages of an offshore tax jurisdiction. At the same time, its trust offering is just as dynamic - in cases even more so - than the competitive world of smaller jurisdictions which in cases even contrive to introduce new vehicles (for example foundations) to create new industries for themselves. 

Unlike many other trust jurisdictions offering tax neutrality to trusts established by and for non-residents, the New Zealand foreign trusts regime is based predominantly on deliberate tax concession rather than a legislative framework intended to create a new industry for the economy. The fundamentals of New Zealand trust law have been in place and have gradually evolved since New Zealand was first colonised by Great Britain in 1840. New Zealand has an extensive network of international tax treaties and low level information disclosure requirements 

New Zealand and its trusts enjoy the following advantages: 

Confidentiality: there are no reporting requirements for foreign trusts and no requirement to file any accounting records with any government or regulatory body 

Geographical: New Zealand is situated in Australasia and therefore is not restricted by the European Union regulations. 

Commercial infrastructure: New Zealand has a highly reputable business community, enjoying the presence of some of the world's leading banks together with reputable legal and accounting firms. 

Other advantages include:

  • Ability to provide an offshore type trust structure onshore
  • English speaking country
  • Political and economic stability
  • English common law legal system
  • The legal and banking profession is of a high standard
  • It has well developed communication, commercial and business infrastructure
  • It provides a fresh approach to offshore asset protection e.g. Sharia law compliant trusts



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